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Mrs. Leath has been diagnosed with scoliosis and had chronic pain

Mrs. Leath has been diagnosed with scoliosis and had chronic pain in her back due to a metal rod being inserted in 20 years ago as a support for her posture. After several efforts to reduce the pain and enhance spinal stability, she was left with extremely limited options.  Just prior to giving up, a close friend of hers recommended a Medical Massage at JaVintee Massage. 

Following her initial visit, she took out a membership, and eight weeks later she testifies that JaVintee Massage has changed her life! She could barely crawl, much less walk. She couldn’t stand straight. After completing several sessions here she is feeling much stronger. Her posture has improved tremendously.

Casey is 21 yrs old suffers with fibromyalgia, hypo thyroids and recently had knee surgery.

Casey, Joined our Membership program in June. After four eighty minute sessions, Casey could see an improvement with her health issues. However when Casey had knee surgery in the early part of August, she was unable to get her fortnightly massages. Once getting the all clear from her Doctor, and her stitches were removed. Casey came in and only had 60 degrees  of range of motion,  after one session  her range of motion had increased to 120 degrees.

Sharon, a client here at JaVintee Massage, came in with a lot of Neuropathy pain. After only one treatment and only one week later, Sharon has given us her testimony on February 13, 2015 on just how much JaVintee Massage has helped her! 

I have been working with my client over the last two weeks. When he came to JaVintee Massage he was wearing a leg brace, using a walking stick, and had limited movement in his right hand.  We worked on helping him regain back his range of motion, and was able to get him to sign his own consent form. He continues to make progress and we are delighted to be apart of his blessing and pray for a full recovery.